Writing Therapy

Feeling stuck in a writing project? Do you need an ear to bend, a helpful hand, a shoulder to cry on, a firm swat on the behind? I can help!

Let me help with--

  • Professional writing (dissertations, book manuscripts, articles, blog posts and book proposals)
  • Grants (for professional development or writing retreats)
  • Creative non-fiction (memoirs and essays)
  • Fiction (short stories and novels)
  • Queries (help with securing an agent and publisher)

I work with people who need help defining and articulating their project; who have a rough draft of writing that needs focus or help on developing a small piece of writing (like a conference presentation) into something bigger; and with writers in need of a reader to give purposeful feedback.

I can help with—

  • articles and presentations
  • college and graduate school applications
  • undergraduate, masters and professional essays
  • grant applications
I have a PhD in American Studies with expertise in the history of psychology, gender studies, social movements and cultural history. I have helped numerous people with their writing, from undergraduate and graduate students, to pre- and post tenured professors, and creative writers. Let me help you!
I am a published author and a freelance writer living in Providence, RI.