Writing Therapy

Feeling stuck in a writing project? Do you need an ear to bend, a shoulder to cry on, a firm swat on the behind? I can help.

I work with people who need help defining their project, who have a rough draft that needs focus, who want to develop a short piece of writing (like a conference presentation or blog post) into something bigger, and writers in need of purposeful feedback.

Do you have expertise you want to offer?

I specialize in helping professionals get their ideas on the page— therapists, professors, body workers, math wizards, yoga teachers and anyone with a mission or a method. A book, blog or workbook can make all the difference.  I can help you develop ideas, hold you accountable to a schedule that fits your life, and then, through editing and dialogue (put this on repeat), ensure you present your ideas professionally in whatever format you choose. 

Maybe you have an idea for a novel or a great story to share and just don’t know how to start or how to finish. I coach aspiring writers in all genres— non-fiction, fiction, memoir and biography— and at all stages of development.

Let me help with–

Professional writing— the book and/or workbook that marks you as the expert you are;

Non-fiction—the deep dive monograph, the richly contextual biography, the true story that combines historical and literary sensibilities to draw readers in;

Fiction—the story that has been rattling around in your head or taps you in the shower (why not now?);

Grants—for the retreat you need, for the money you deserve, for the research that must get done.

You don’t have to have it all worked out in advance. Let me help! The first conversation is free. 

Jane Gerhard Bio Pic

I have a PhD in American Studies with expertise in the history of psychology, gender studies, social movements and cultural history. I have helped numerous people with their writing, from undergraduate and graduate students, to pre- and post tenured professors, and creative writers. Let me help you!


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